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Ants Control

The majority of ant species prefer sunny climates, which can make it harder for them to survive here, but the few species that have adapted to our weather can be a huge annoyance in our homes, garages, and gardens.


Ants will travel a long way to search for food, following trails that they have established, clustering around the food, and becoming a nuisance in houses and gardens.


If you’ve found ants clustered on your property that have become a problem for you, here are some steps you can take to reduce the problem:


  • Track down where they are coming in and seal off the entry point

  • Clear up any sticky residues on worktops, because ants are attracted to sweet things

  • Cover up any foodstuffs which could be a food source for ants

If you continue to wrestle with the nasty pests, it’s time to call ourselves at Elite Pest Control Dublin


Our external Ant Bait Station uses the ants roaming instinct as an advantage. We use an insecticide bait which they eat and then carry back to the nest, effectively killing off the queen and thus eliminating the colony. The tamper-resistant lid allows safe use around pets and children.


FACT: Some birds, like Jays, spread their wings on an ant’s nest to get ants in their feathers. It is thought that this is because the ants squirt formic acid that gets rid of bird parasites.



Get in touch with Elite Pest Control today and our team of experts will assist you with your ants problem


Our pest control experts will assess your pest issue, provide recommendations, and a free quotation.


Our BPCA certified technicians will come out to provide your treatment and eliminate ants from your property


We'll visit your property as many times as needed to make sure your ants' infestation is eliminated

If ants are becoming a large inconvenience, we recommend that you seek professional pest control.


Our externally validated Technicians target their pest control services to specific species to insure quick and, needless to say, safe removal for children and pets.

Get in touch today!

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