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Cockroaches Control Ireland


Cockroach Control

Being the one to discover cockroaches in your home (or place of work) can be a very distressing process. Cockroaches are known carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery, & Gastro-enteritis. Being exposed to these pests are inconvenient and irritating. Not only this, but they can pose health risks to you and your family. Not to mention that cockroaches in Ireland can be particularly frustrating.


Have you ever noticed an unpleasant odour under your sinks, in rooms, in cupboards, or small crevices? That smell is the first clue that it may be time to check for these tiny pests, including German cockroaches.


Cockroaches are tough insects, and they tend to breed fast. This makes professional treatment essential for your infestation.


Once a pest infestation is established, it can quickly spread to neighbouring properties, so it’s important to get pest control experts to for cockroach control as fast as possible.

Why You Should Hire us for Your Cockroach Control in Ireland

We have trained and experts team. We can guarantee our service. We maintain a process to eliminate your house from cockroaches.”The survey” is the first step of that process. We inspect every corner of your property to be clear the level of the cockroaches infestation. We always take our time in this first step as it is very important. This survey helps us to make the decision and leads us to the next step which is “Treatment”. We have NPTA approved technology. We use those advanced cutting edge technology to remove your property from cockroaches. Then we move to the next step which is “Observation”. We monitor your property after service.


We always take special care of your property. We always try to finish the projects within the time frame we provided. Another reason to choose us is pricing. Our pricing is reasonable if you compare the service we are providing. Of course, we are certified. We have a list of successful projects and customers. All of them are happy and often recommend us to others.  Making our customers happy is our top priority.



Get in touch with Elite Pest Control today and our team of experts will assist you with your cockroach problem


Our pest control experts will assess your pest issue, provide recommendations, and a free quotation.


Our BPCA certified technicians will come out to provide your treatment and eliminate cockroaches from your property


We'll visit your property as many times as needed to make sure your cockroaches' infestation is eliminated

Our technicians are equipped with the latest technologies in pest control. We are proud to ensure quick treatment and prevent future infestations. We also do removals for wasps, bedbugs, ants, and more.

Get in touch today!

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