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Fleas  are a common  problem in houses  with animals such as  dogs and cats. Even in  households without pets can contain fleas, if  the previous owner had animals.


Fleas  are not  only found  on dogs and  cats, but on other  more hairy animals such  as pigs, rabbits, foxes, squirrels,  rats, or mice. Fleas on dogs and fleas found on cats are the most common, and can  be very uncomfortable for your house pet. Not  to mention that this potentially opens your home to  them.


The  biggest  concern with fleas is their bites, as your animals could become allergic to their saliva.


Though fleas don’t have wings, they have incredibly elongated legs, allowing them to jump  between you, your pet, and the rest of your house with ease.


Successful flea pest control requires treatment of both your property and your pets, if you have them.



Get in touch with Elite Pest Control today and our team of experts will assist you with your fleas problem


Our pest control experts will assess your pest issue, provide recommendations, and a free quotation.


Our BPCA certified technicians will come out to provide your treatment and eliminate fleas from your property


We'll visit your property as many times as needed to make sure your fleas infestation is eliminated

At Elite Pest Control Dublin, we  offer  complete  fleas pest control and treatment for your home or business to offer complete removal of your infestation.


Our  technicians understand the habits of flea species ensuring targeted treatments to exterminate fleas. We also provide wasp control, bedbug control and more.

Get in touch today!

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