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5 Tips to Ensure You Don’t Get Pest Issues In Your Home In The First Place

Pest infestations are a nightmare most people do not even want to think about. These pesky little beasts not only cause horror and urge disgust, but many pests can also cause serious health issues. The health issues can range from skin problems/ rashes to food poisoning and in some severe cases, internal injuries and death. Pests are uniformly hated all across the world because of their disturbing nature. However, the most damning thing about pests still remains the fact that most of the time, pest infestations are actually caused by us. A lack of care and effort when taking care of our home spirals down to pest infestations and all of its accompanying troubles.

Keep it clean

The first major step in reducing pest infestations is keeping your house clean. A clean house is a pest deterrent. Pests of all kinds thrive amongst the filth. It doesn’t matter what type of filth it is, if you let it stay untouched for a period of time, it will attract pests. Keeping vulnerable areas like the kitchen- where food and other decaying items decay- clean can greatly reduce the chances of a pest infestation. Try to be attentive and regularly wash down places like the kitchen and you can directly cut down chances of developing problems regarding cockroaches, house flies, and the worst, all kinds of worms and larvae.

Don’t allow water build-up

Similar to the cleaning point, it is imperative you do not allow there to be puddles and standing water. A water puddle is one of the worst things to have if you do not want pests. Water- especially the dirty standing water- allows all kinds of larvae to grow in it. These larvae then develop into various kinds of annoying and harmful insects like mosquitos. Keep and eye out for water collections and when you spot one, proactively take action- remove all the water and clean the area well.

Check your wood

Insects that chew through the wood are a nightmare. Not only do these most commonly look absolutely repulsive, making every encounter horrifying, these are also harmful. Inspect the wood furniture and other items- especially those that are exposed to the elements like sun and water- for tiny holes and signs of any termite or wood-boring insect or similar. If you spot a piece of wood that is being chewed through, you will want to remove it and isolate it because these pests spread super fast and can start damaging other wooden items really quickly.

Close off entry points

Closing off entry points where the pest can slip through is an obvious step in infestation prevention. You need to take care of places like the chimney, and your basement in order to prevent pests from entering your house. For places like your chimney, use wire mesh to cover the openings. And in your basement, repair and fill in any holes or damage that can be an entry wall. Also, while you are at it, use plugs to plug faucets and sink drains that are not used. Pests like cockroaches can crawl through the drains of unused sinks.

Maintain your gutter

Gutters can be a major weak point of your house if you leave them unchecked. Poorly maintained gutters can crack and open doorways for pests to get into your house. Also, the water that is leaked never helps. Leaked water can accumulate in walls and hard to reach places and act as breeding grounds for all kinds of pests.


Preventing a pest infestation is all about putting in a good effort and maintaining proper home hygiene. In order to not allow all those pests to get into your house, you need to take care of your house. Take precautionary measures and good regular servicing intertwined with the daily cleaning that you must do. All these might seem tough work, but it is not. These are mandatory work that anyone must do. The problem occurs when people procrastinate. These procrastinations and push backs quickly build up to be larger problems you want to avoid. So, be watchful and do all the small regular things you need to do and you will not have any pest problems.

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