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How to Keep Your House Pest Free

Keeping house pest free is one of the biggest concerns for any homeowner. Not only are pests incredibly annoying; they are harmful too. Many pests carry around various kinds of bacteria and germs and spread these around your house. These bacteria can cause anything and everything between food poisoning and skin problems. Also, walking upon a pest or having one fly in front of you has to be one of the worst experiences ever. To help you stay free of pests, here are a few ways you can keeper house pest free.


The first and most important step in stopping a pest infestation from happening is always cleanliness. It is important that you keep your house as clean as you can. Pests of all kind, be it larvae or flies or cockroaches thrive in filth. As such, you need to need to make sure you are keeping your house as

clean as you can because there is simply no other way. Always be sure to vacuum and wipe and throw trash away properly. Also, cleaning your kitchen and removing old decay food can only help.

Remove Water

When combating pests, one thing you must ensure is that you are not allowing water to build up. Anywhere in and around your house, if you see standing water, you need to do something about it. Standing water or puddles can have devastating effects. Puddles are the ideal breeding ground for all types of pests like mosquitos and letting them sit around is not a smart idea. If you see a puddle, take out all the water and be sure to clean the area in order to have the best protection against pests.

Check up on Your Gutter

Blocked gutters and poorly maintained ones can badly affect your chances when trying to reduce pests. A broken gutter allows water to puddle up. And as discussed before, letting water stand is not a good decision. Add to this the fact that water from your gutter can soak up your wall is never good.

A damp wall becomes yet another breeding ground for larvae that urge utter disgust. Another bad effect is that a broken gutter is a hole way that allows pests to directly enter your house. More often than not, a damaged gutter will leave a hallway large enough for flies and other things to enter your house open and help cause a pest infestation.

Block Entrances

The problem with pest is that these things come from anywhere and everywhere. Any tiny hole, any abandoned sink is an open door for these things. To be at your strongest, your need to block off all entry points for pests. If you notice any gaps or dents in your walls, be sure to fill them out.

More importantly however, you need to take care of sinks and drains that are not in use. Unused water pipes and sinks can act as homes for pests to grow in. Also, pests like cockroaches can climb up drains and enter your house. Be sure to use plugs and stoppers to block these entry points off and stay one step ahead of the pests.

Inspect Wood

Inspecting the various wooden pieces around your house is a critical step in preventing a pest infestation. Insects and larvae that chew wood are the absolute worst. Not only are wood chewing pests disturbing to look at, but they are also incredibly bad for you and your furniture. These types of pests are really quick to spread and start wreaking havoc in an instant. This is why it is important you keep tabs on the wooden items- especially the ones that are expo

sed to the elements the most like your patio- and check if there is any sign of pests. If you notice some, quickly treat the wood or replace it to avoid an infestation and more crucially, an outburst.


Keeping your house pest free is simple. At the end of the day, it all boils down to just being properly hygienic. Keep your house, your kitchen clean and maintain the various entry points like gutters and drains well. This is all you need to in order to restrain pests from infiltrating your house.

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