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Wasp Nest Removal

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Wasps Control Dublin

Wasps. We all know them, and most of us hate them. All of us with wasp problems wish for wasp control, but maybe we don’t know enough about it to take the leap. In Ireland, the Common and German Wasps have been known to cause the most annoyance and painful stings. Also, we don't want to do wasp nest removal on our own as it is a job of a someone expert.

Though they have a different yellow and black body than hornets, the two are still commonly confused, and people often confuse wasp control with hornet control. Hornets aren’t as common here, but their threat is just as real, especially since they are the most active during the summer months. 

Many people often confuse wasps with Honey Bees as well, as they aren’t away of the difference in color and hair. Bees can vary in color from golden brown to almost black, and tend to be furrier than wasps. If you suspect that you have Honey Bees, locate a beekeeper near you and they may be able to rescue the swarm. 

The best way to remove wasps from your house, be it wasps in house, or a wasps nest in walls or a wasps nest in attic areas, is to treat the nest. While female wasps are the only ones that have a sting they can use repeatedly, wasp stings can be life-threatening at worst, and itchy and annoying as best.  

Wasps build nests outdoors, or, if they can gain access, they’ll find areas inside your home to build such as walls, roof spaces, or even a wasps nest in your attic. If you find a nest in early spring, DIY wasp nest removal is possible, but the danger from stings will remain. 

Wasps can potentially attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed. Wasps get more aggressive when their number increase, so it’s best to treat the nest earlier in the year before this happens.  

At Elite Pest Control Dublin, we offer safe and convenient solutions for your wasp problem, with quick treatment. Always.


We guarantee: 

  • Service treatment within 2 working days 

  • Our experts only require one 30 - 45-minute visit to treat a nest 

  • Availability for a wasp nest treatment online booking between April & September. 

Why You Should Hire us for WASP Nest Removal

Removing wasps nest is not an easy task to do. One wrong move and you know the rest. Hiring an expert is the best decision someone could make. We have been doing this successfully for many years with the experienced team we have. We always ensured your safety first. Our pricing is reasonable if you compare the service we are providing. Of course we are certified. We have a list of successful projects and customer. All of them are happy and often recommend us to others.  Making our customer happy is our top priority.



Get in touch with Elite Pest Control today and our team of experts will assist you with your wasp problem


Our pest control experts will assess your pest issue, provide recommendations, and a free quotation.


Our BPCA certified technicians will come out to provide your treatment and eliminate wasps from your property


We'll visit your property as many times as needed to make sure your wasps' infestation is eliminated


Our technicians are equipped with the latest technologies in pest control. We are proud to ensure quick treatment and prevent future infestations of wasps and others pests

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